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To all of our valued clients: we would like to thank you for your continued support. During these times of uncertainty, we want you to be aware that we are still fully able to meet your tree care needs. We are deeply conscientious of current social distancing requirements and committed to maintaining safety for you, your family and our team. As a result, we are offering free, no-contact estimating - we can take specific instructions from you, over the phone, via text or by email, as to what you need done on your property and leave the estimate in your front door or mailbox. Get on our schedule today!

From A.W.D. Tree Service and all our employees, we sincerely thank you for your business!

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Our tree removal service emphasizes on safety, quality and efficiency. We handle all kinds of removals, including dead trees, storm damage and hazardous removals. Often, tree removals must be performed in confined spaces, near homes, landscape, utility lines, and other sensitive areas. Our team has been trained to handle these type of challenges on complicated job sites. We pride ourselves on not only getting the tree down and out safely, but without damage to any of your property in the process.

When we prune your trees, we believe less is more. Our highly trained technicians pick and choose branches to remove from the tree based on aesthetics, tree health and structural support. We do not follow the "strip branches out to the tip" method better known as "lion tailing". This is an old practice that was phased out decades ago.

Tree News

Keep up with the tree industry and environmental issues surrounding urban arboriculture.

The Newest Addition to the AWD fleet!!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new 72' lift. This is a state of the art, aerial track lift with intelligent leveling controls and redundant safety systems. We can maneuver through small access areas/gates without damage to any of the landscape. In addition, we are now able to tackle dangerous removals where it's unsafe to put a climber in the tree.

Michigan Tree Disease Watch

Many diseases are plaguing our trees in the modern day. We are keeping track and following the primary diseases in Michigan and the surrounding states.

Oak Wilt

Find out whether or not your tree has oak wilt

It can be difficult to tell if an oak tree has oak wilt just by looking at it. If you think oak wilt might be causing problems for your tree, you can send in a sample for examination. There is a small fee for this service.

Collect three twigs (about 1/2-inch in diameter and four inches in length) from three different branches with wilting leaves. Be sure these samples still have living wood and leaves. Scratch the sample branch with your fingernail. If the wood under the bark is a light color (white to green), the sample is fresh. If the wood is brown or dark, it is too old to be sampled. Wrap fresh samples in wax paper and keep them cool until you mail them to:

Contact Information

Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic [exit DNR]

University of Wisconsin - Madison

1630 Linden Drive

Madison, WI 53706-1598

Emerald Ash Borer

Current News

Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis)

What to look for

Infected Ash Trees can be identified by:

  • Thinning or deadness in the top third of the tree
  • Live branches just below the dead area
  • D-shaped exit holes in the bark
  • S-shaped grooves under the bark
  • Vertical splits in the bark

Anthracnose Disease

Anthracnose Disease Info. Anthracnose is a fungal disease that tends to attack plants in the spring when the weather is cool and wet, primarily on leaves and twigs. The fungi overwinter in dead twigs and fallen leaves. Cool, rainy weather creates perfect conditions for the spores to spread.

Leaf Spot Disease

Leaf spots are round blemishes found on the leaves of many species of plants, mostly caused by parasitic fungi or bacteria. A typical spot is "zonal", meaning it has a definite edge and often has a darker border. When lots of spots are present, they can grow together and become a blight or a blotch.

Needle cast disease

Stigmina and Rhizosphaera Needle Cast in Trees. ... If you have seen trees affected by needle cast disease in the area, avoid planting this highly susceptible tree. Instead, consider planting Norway spruce, which is resistant. White spruce and other conifers, like pine and fir, are also susceptible.

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